Happy Birthday, Joelie Oehlie!

When your eyeliner is on point, your life is on point.


this is cute

hi tumblr

it’s been so long

i’m embarrassed

i miss you

How do you sex real good?

Is a question that we sometimes ask in this apartment.

There’s a maintenance or engineer or whatever guy at my hospital who is the spitting image of aaron johnson and i can’t wrap my head around it. He walked in front of my car and smiled on my way out today and I screamed the whole way home.

"You know what they refer to on the streets as taint?"

Greatest start to a nursing transfer of care report ever.



I got a job you guise~

making dreams come true

Aha ha ha

So the festival of books only lists authors’ names in the schedule of panels. So if you’re familiar with the title of a book but not with the name of the author, there’s a good chance you might miss the fact that the author of a book that you’re interested in will actually be at the festival.

I was 20 minutes late to the panel that Robin Sloan was in this morning because I am a directional idiot who found myself in a large, confusing campus. 

So I didn’t get to see introductions or anything, and it’s funny how people rarely mention the titles of the books they’re talking about. It’s always “your book” or “my book” and I’m just sitting there wondering exactly what  book they’re talking about.

All this is to say that the panel I went to this morning actually included the authors of Shine Shine Shine and A Working Theory of Love, both of which I am very interested in and would love to have signed copies of. 

I didn’t know any of this until now, so life is all regret.

That August boy from USC’s quidditch team is standin behind me and just got a shout out from javon jackson who is doing spoken word at the usc stage

What am i doing here omg

This is good though

This is good words

I’m at the Festival of Books at USC it’s hot as shit I might be hallucinating right now but I just had Penumbra signed by the very impressively eloquent Robin Sloan and he was easy to talk to and I told him about my video about Penumbra and he told me to tweet the video at him


That minute long conversation totally makes up for this USC situation.

It’s so confusing here you guys. I’m so confused idk where i am

I’m so happy though

I transferred a patient to another hospital today, and the ambulance guys who came to pick him up were smokin’ hot, not even fair.

So I went back to the store to buy the dumb candle and it just didn’t smell as good.

But there was this candle right next to it called Cultured Sake and that smelled better.

But you know I was feeling very disappointed and vulnerable. I doubted my nose and walked away, but I think I wanna come back again with a friend and ask for their opinion.

There’s a lot of confusion in my heart right now.

Holy shit, I went into a fancy store today and smelled this candle and OH MY GOD

This is the best smelling candle of MY WHOLE LIFE

And I have smelled a SHIT TON of candles

I just can’t with this candle