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It’s 10 PM. I’m taking a study break to make bread dough that I will let rise overnight and will somehow shape into a loaf pan to rise for 2 more hours and bake before I leave for my 9 AM class tomorrow. OH NO THIS IS SUCH A BAD IDEA.

Pull-Apart Cheesy Herb Bread

I was in a kneading mood yesterday, and we had a lot of cheese left over from Oscars pizza night, so this baby was born.

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notbreakfast asked: Hi Laraine! Your bread + breakfast projects are SO GOOD. Do you happen to have your recipe notebook w/the persimmon brioche tart around? xo Noelle


Yes! I just realized that I never updated that brioche tart post with links. I used two recipes: this golden brioche from Epicurious and this yogurt custard from Lemonpi. The custard ingredients are measured by weight. I don’t know if you have a kitchen scale. I certainly don’t, but those single serving greek yogurt cups should be close to 120 g, and 60 g of sugar is about 1/4 cup.

I hope you end up making it! It was my (and my roommates’) absolute favorite from the bread project. Ugh, SO GOOD.



Oh goddddd. The bread project was completed on December 20, 2010, it just took me two months to finally post this update.

So when Saneeya and I visited Gaby in December, we made this loaf, which was the most basic of breads. Gaby just wanted an introduction to bread-making, so I did my “Bread is just flour, water, salt, and yeast!” spiel and that’s what we did. Eyeballed everything and ended up with this. Eaten with red pepper spread while watching Charlie St. Cloud, a truly horrible movie.

And that, my dear Tumblrfolk, is the official end of the Bread Project. I thought in the beginning that I would be an artisan master by the 42nd loaf of bread—that was funny. I remain an amateur, of course, but last year was definitely a good year for yeast. I will keep at it and continue updating the list with exciting bread happenings.

This is incredible bread badassness.

OTP: Laraine/bread. Please ship us.

(41/42) More Grissini

Okay, I didn’t take pictures of the breadsticks that I made for the nursing post-finals/ugly sweater party. Luckily, we catch a glimpse of it in a group picture around the table. And in the second picture, I think someone was making a thumbs up, but you know, it’s hard to frame a scene when you’re drunnnnkk (Pretty sure Miki took it).

Did pretty much the same thing as last time, except I was lazy and tired (post-finals!), so I rolled them out fat and ugly and plopped them into a plastic TJs cookie container. They were still edible, and that’s what matters.

Bread #41! So close to the finish line!


(40/42) Grissini

Mmmmhmmm. I love these. They’re crunchy, and I can mindlessly munch on them all day if they were readily available. Also, they’re pretty, and they make a table spread look way cool.

I mixed some fresh rosemary into the dough (because I had bought an entire plant for the focaccia, haha), and I seasoned the sticks with garlic salt, parsely, and pepper. Yumz.

Recipe (is in metric, I had to do some serious converting beforehand.)


(39/42) Garlic Rosemary Focaccia

Here was another delicious one. It was made for our Fakesgiving potluck. Focaccia is something I’d want to make for potlucks and special events for two reasons: (1) It can accomodate so many different flavors. It’s almost like pizza, except it’s not; (2) It always cooks through perfectly because it’s thinner than your regular loaf of bread, which also makes it so much easier to slice in a presentable manner.

I think I made this one a little too salty, so will have to modify that for next time. Also, next time, BACON would be delicious in this. Or maybe pesto mixed into the dough? Even cherry tomatoes… or black grapes! The possibilities are endless!



(38/42) Persimmon Brioche Tart

OH MY GAWD THIS WAS SO DELICIOUS. It was like yummy pie, but with BREAD.

Brioche is definitely my fave. Buttery, milky, eggy bread = best dough to work with. So soft, so supple, mmmm.

I used two separate recipes for this. One for the dough and one for the persimmon filling. The filling was made with fresh persimmons from my mommy’s garden and plain greek yogurt. Heavenly. Must make again. Can also be made with different fruits, whatever is in season.

I wrote down the recipe sources in my bread notebook, but I left that in LA, so I’ll update this later on with the links. Mmmmm.

Also, this was really pretty, which is why there are too many pictures.

Recipe Update (2 months later)! I used two recipes: golden brioche from Epicurious and yogurt custard from Lemonpi.


(37/42) Honey Oatmeal Sandwich Bread

Did the same thing as last time, I think. Or might have used more whole wheat flour, which made the loaf more dense, which I didn’t really like. I don’t think I’ll make sandwich bread anymore until I can finally fork over the dough (ha…ha…) to buy vital wheat gluten. Whole wheat flour, on its own, just doesn’t rise to my liking. Also, if I want really good sandwich bread, I can get it for $3-$4 at TJs. Haha. This is an awful advocacy of homemade bread. I guess I just like rustic homemade breads better, and I’m done trying to imitate this pre-sliced, packaged stuff.


(35/42) Pizza

Another pizza, because pizza is kind of a perfect food. Just threw in whatever I had on this. Pesto, mozz, spinach, tomato, mushroom, and turkey bacon.

I used a different recipe than my usual for this. It calls for both whole wheat and all-purpose flour, but we were out of APF, so it was 100% whole wheat. It was delicious.


(34/42) Crusty Garlic Bread

Made this the Friday before Halloween for a potluck at the Villa. It was pretty good, but the bottom was burnt. Boo.

Recipe here.


(34/42) Pita Bread

Recipe here. The first piece of bread had a nice bubble in the middle, the rest didn’t really. Will have to try this again and get the air to stay inside. I wanna see more pregnant pitas!

[The Bread Project]


(33/42) Asparagus Pizza

I was planning on making pita bread next, but that will have to be #34. We went to the farmer’s market at UCI this morning and I finally got some asparagus (dreams do come true). I happened to stop by Smitten Kitchen and remembered the shaved asparagus pizza. So there. Let me just say… incredibly delicious. Asparagus is magical.

I used the go-to pizza dough recipe, with half whole wheat flour. Shaving the asparagus took longer than I expected. We didn’t have a Y-shaped peeler, so that was a pain. That’s probably why the pizza isn’t heaping with asparagus. I compensated by adding some tomatoes (we have a surplus that needs to be used asap). I also left it in the oven for a little too long, but it wasn’t a fatal mistake. Crunchy asparagus—yum.

[The Bread Project]


(32/42) Baguette

When you want to make bread but can’t be bothered to break out the teaspoons, tablespoons, or an extra mixing bowl, just know that baguettes only need flour, water, yeast, sugar, and salt, trust your instincts, eyeball everything, and you’re good to go.

Turned the baguette into fake bruschetta (garlic, salt, and pepper, but didn’t get around to the olive oil), topped with tomatoes from the garden and delicious feta.

[The Bread Project]