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Day 25: Fresh 

Day 21: Cool | Mango smoothie 

Day 19: Hole

Day 12: Spoon, and a follow-up to Day 11: Purple.

I think it’s lovely, in this time of instant gratification and international overnight shipping, that I have to go to Italy to eat spaghetti dotted with tiny little clams, so sweet and tender and briny that even the spaghetti tastes infused with the sea. I’ll never eat this anywhere else and I like that.

Luisa Weiss, The Wednesday Chef [x]

Day 3: On my plate

Curry and vegetable croquettes on top of a plastic bag because there’s no time for plates!

Day 27: Something sweet

Homemade oatmeal coookie! 

Day 18: Something you made. Dinner! 

Anonymous asked: how do you eat so much? (and don't just say "fast metabolism")

Hahaha. I’ve probably been misleading because I talk about food and eating so much. I actually don’t eat as much as I talk about eating. I eat more than 3 times a day but they are usually pretty small servings and snacks. I get full really easily, so whenever I post about eating out or whatevs, I’ll actually be eating that meal for the next 2 days.

I think I have a big appetite but a small stomach. Does that make sense? It does to me. 

But omg, thank you, this ask made me laugh.

The Pie Hole Los Angeles

Day 6: Lunch! 



We are going to disneyland and I have everything I need. I was not the best version of myself yesterday but now the sun is shining and the future looks bright. YESSSS.


Nvm, I figured it out.