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Anonymous asked: Was immersion part of the curriculum in your program or was it something you chose to do afterwards/in between? Thanks so much for answering my question. I had never heard of immersion before. I'm studying to become a nurse (haven't started clinicals yet), but I'm so nervous. DYING.

It was part of our curriculum. I could be wrong, but I don’t think all nursing programs have immersion, or at least not one that lasts as long as 3 months. I’ve heard of nursing externships offered by some hospitals that you could do outside of your courses (like this). That would be really great, I think, if your nursing program doesn’t include immersion. Also, it’ll probably put you in a good position to get a job at that hospital. 

I was a nervous wreck when I started clinicals! But after a bit you get the hang of it, especially if you and your classmates help each other out on the floor. :) And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Better to ask and make sure rather than eff up your patient! 


Anonymous asked: Hi! What exactly is an immersion program in nursing? Is it different from clinicals/rotations?

Immersion is like super-mega-rotation. Instead of having clinicals only once or twice a week with a group of your classmates, you are individually assigned to one preceptor in one unit of a hospital. In my immersion program, I worked with my preceptor an average of three 12-hour shifts per week for 10 weeks, ending up with 300 clinical hours in that unit. We also didn’t have any other classes during those 3 months of immersion, so we were basically *immersed* in the nursing life. 

I thought immersion was massively useful. You become really familiar with the unit and staff and start to lose your student-nurse hesitation about halfway into the 10 weeks. Then you can start getting real nursey, especially if you get your preceptor to trust you. :)


Day 15: Ready | Licensed to care, y’all.


This is what the job search has come to, people.

I’m already parked but I don’t wanna get out of the car because that means I’m home and immersion is definitely over.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the backseat drowning in a pool of my own tears.


Leaving the hospital after my last day of immersion in the ICU.


Last day of immersion

Sundays are so chill. Damn I love it.


And again. Hello, pink bunny!

I made the huge mistake of giving the ICU nurses a description of my on-campus job.

Now everyone calls me Fish Killer.

I forget what socks I put on in the morning until I get to sit down and my scrubs hike up and SURPRISE!

freezerbraun asked: On the ICU is it like, super busy and hectic and chaotic but also a total buzz because you know what you're doing and you're helping to make sure things are running smoothly?

I don’t know what you mean by buzz because I am dumb, but it is busy and there’s something going on at all times. The patients tend to be pretty unstable, so you have to monitor closely and the doctors are constantly giving orders that need to get done ASAP. Anything you do to the patient you must document so there’s a whole lot of running around and paperwork going on. Also there are so many machines constantly beeping in the ICU. We tend to tune it out, but every once in a while my ears take everything in and I’m like, “Fuck, I would hate to be an ICU patient.”

TBH, sometimes I know what I’m doing and sometimes I don’t. Haha. I just go with the flow and try to be useful. The best is always when something takes me by surprise. Like this weekend when it was 8 AM and we were all eating bagels. The central alarm in the nurse’s station started beeping and I just glanced at it and totally ignored it because the alarm wasn’t for my patient. My nurse did a double take and said “uh oh” and started running to the room. Turns out the patient was in ventricular fibrillation, which means his heart was basically just quivering and being totally ineffective, and we had to call a code blue and do CPR. It was an excellent learning experience because now I always, ALWAYS look at those damn alarms. 

Ugh, this is srsly too long. Sorry.

I was in the ICU (as a nurse, not as a patient) for 4 days of back-to-back 12-hour shifts this past week and I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. The unit, the staff, the patients, the stress. I am absolutely fucking tired, but I could go there everyday if I had to. I wouldn’t mind at all. I’m actually a little sad that I’m not back on the floor tomorrow. I miss my preceptor and I wanna know how our patients are doing. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, Tumblr. I guess I’m just so happy to be in love with what I’m doing. 

I had my first neurotrauma patient today. 18-year-old visiting from up north to check out colleges. Unfortunate freak skateboarding accident. He had a craniectomy, and the piece of skull that was taken out to decompress his brain was temporarily placed in his abdomen to keep up its blood supply. I still remember hearing about this in class and freaking out over how crazy awesome it is, and today I actually got to feel the piece of skull inside the abdomen

Anyway, I learned a lot today, including how to deal with frustrations and bitchy neuro doctors (srsly though). I also spent a large part of the day secretly watching our poor boy’s mother, because really really how agonizing is it to be 300 miles away from your son and find out that he’s fallen on his head and he’s in an emergency room about to go to surgery. And you thought he was just leaving for a weekend to look at university design and architecture programs. Some days your heart hurts more than your feet. 


TL;DR. Here’s what happened on my first day of immersion.

  • I got to the ICU and was told that my nurse was being floated. So I floated with her to the cardiac unit.
  • One of our patients was a 101-year-old lady. She was our healthiest.
  • She was in for pancytopenia. Other than that, she was completely alert and oriented, walking and talking. 
  • I helped her walk to the bathroom. When I asked her if she needed help in there, she was like, “No! I’ve been doing this for a hundred years!”
  • When I was putting lip balm on her lips she puckered up and made kissy noises. OMG such a fantastic old lady.
  • Also her 60-year-old son came to visit and he is also the nicest.
  • I felt like an idiot many times, especially during the first half of the day. Especially when I spilled 2ml of dilaudid all over the med room. Uuugghhhh vials are slippery little assholes.
  • I got three slaps on the back from the Australian nurse who reminded me of Steve Irwin. He was thanking me for doing all of his q2hr blood glucose checks. SLAPS ON THE BACK. Like I was one of the boys or something. I was trying to be cool and said, “Of course, no problem!” but inside I was screaming
  • Everyone kept talking about how great UCLA’s hospital must be and I replied with tales of the spacious rooms, each with it’s own monitor. We decided that UCLA is the Waldorf Astoria of hospitals.
  • I was putting on a condom catheter for the first time and my nurse asked if I’d ever put a condom on anyone. I answered no after a pause and we both smiled because my virginity was discovered on my first day of immersion.
  • One of the care partners was talking to me about how she just finished nursing school and is taking a Kaplan review course for the NCLEX. She said, “For one of our review sessions, the instructor couldn’t come so she had an emergency substitute. Do you know Barbara…”
  • And I said, “Barbara Demman?! OMG YES!”
  • And she started freaking out about Barbie the way anyone who has ever met Barbie freaks out about her. “She’s AMAZING. She is just unbelievable. She is SO GREAT.”
  • Major Barbara Demman fangirling.
  • And last but not least, I drove and I didn’t die.

you guys. nurses are my favorite people in the world.


no seriously. When I think of our grad party and NOT going through nursing WITH this people when I get hired, it’s like unfathomable omg its the worst.

We went to a friend’s b-day party and we just ate cupcakes and sang Santeria and Fuck You and joined in a circle and sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Sinatra and I wanted to dieeeeeeeee. Except we put our own lyrics to it, “suck it” mainly.